The  3-fold bottom line

Through its partnerships, Naturkraft wants to work in a targeted and professional approach with the 3-fold bottom line; economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Creating a direct or derived value for all parties involved is therefore a natural premise for any partnership.

Value creation for partners

Naturkaft will be a unique learning and development platform for sustainable development. The Naturkraft organisation builds on unique knowledge and expertise that can add value to both large and small companies.

Naturkraft will be a unique meeting place – a meeting place with a community spirit, for socialising and good experiences – where you'll become a little bit cleverer.

Here, fancy words are converted into concrete and visible actions that can easily be passed on by the visitors when they come home.

Want to learn more about partnerships?

A partnership must be developed and cultivated. If you would like to hear more about what Naturkraft thinks about meaningful partnerships, contact  Peter Sand, CEO.


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