Bring your senses to the pine forest

By: Carina Bruun, Naturkraft gardener

Pine forests came to Denmark during the last Ice Age and quickly became part of the natural vegetation in the forests, where it has lived for thousands of years.

However, as the climate gradually changed and became warmer in Denmark, it also meant that the forest pine experienced a sharp decline and was replaced by linden and oak trees around the forests.

Despite the decline, forest pine trees are still in existence around our beautiful countryside. However, many of them cannot be dated back to the original Danish pine forests.

Our very own pine forest in Naturkraft

At Naturkraft you'll find a pine forest that opens up to small clearings, where a wild 'carpet' of perennials in many nuances is allowed flourish freely. In the original pine forests, there is little undergrowth that can survive. But some plants can manage the 'bitter' soil that develops over time as the needles fall off the trees and become part of nature's own ecosystem. Where the needles are broken down by bacteria and fungi.

Our pine forest is probably one of the types of nature that got off the hardest start in the park. While the construction of the park was still underway, many of the large trees were already established around the park. This meant they had to cope with being neighbours to huge and heavy machines, which are a major burden on their roots. This can often lead to what is called 'tractose' of the soil, where soil compaction affects the ability of the plant roots and water to penetrate the soil. In particular, this can present an extra challenge to newly planted plants, which these trees probably suffered.

You could say that last autumn/winter we had our very own 'climate crisis' in the pine forest. The extremely heavy precipitation helped to create an extra hard start for our pine forest. This is something that our pine forest is still slightly suffering from, in spite of implementing drains.

Explore your senses and taste buds along the way

Right now, you can discover several raspberry bushes with ripe berries, which are packed with fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Enjoy exploring the pine forest and tasting the delights around you.

Hindbær i fyrreskov

There are currently also any grasses standing with their beautiful spikelets – what many people would probably describe as their flowers. This waving pile is no exception. It has its very own characteristics of wave-shaped, curved branches, which create a beautiful, distinctive appearance. The grasses are currently blossoming in the park and will remain beautiful right up to around September, depending on the western Jutland wind.

Græsser i fyrreskovene

In the forest you'll also discover the wild carrot flower, which in recent years has become extremely popular in private gardens in a more refined version. But this doesn't change the beautiful white heads of the mother plant – flowers that almost transform into an architectural work of art from  a seedling. So it's easy to see why its popularity is on the rise.

The forest floor is bedecked with some very special and beautiful fir tree cones, which help create the perfect atmosphere for the pine forest.

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