Enthusiasm that is contagious

Written by: Mette Hindkjær, development manager at Naturkraft

Once you've become infected, well - it's almost as if you can't stop again. You get sucked in by it and long for more, it bubbles over in you and you can't wait to get other people on the team.

All of us who are enthusiastic.

One of the characteristics shared by the large team of advisors, business partners and colleagues at Naturkraft is precisely the ability to express enthusiasm and be enthusiastic. This was apparent, among other things, when we celebrated our topping out ceremony for Naturkraft at the end of August 2019. The enthusiasm among those present was clear, and several of them shared their excitement with others. This is the type of joy that helps lift the entire team around Naturkraft, both internally and externally. The joy of seeing other people bubbling over with joy too. But of course it is expressed when there is something to celebrate.

Enthusiasm at the building site

It is also interesting to note how the enthusiasm can also be traced in the small details.

I remember the first day when we really started construction work at Naturkraft. On that day, the director (funnily enough) had a great many errands, and he happened to come by the the 50 hectares area. He probably won't admit it, but I suspect that he had been driving from one roundabout on Vestre Ringvej to the other several times that day, just to follow the progress of the first excavators.

On Tuesday 3 April 2018, it wasn't only the CEO who allowed himself to be swept away by enthusiasm. Out at the construction site (read: ploughing fields and a couple of large machines from Stauning Maskinstation), I started talking to one of the people about if someone was about to start a major construction job. With all the Western Jutland unflappability, which characterises a man with more than 40 years' seniority at Stauning Maskinstation, he almost jumped out of his excavator with enthusiasm. He indeed was and is helping to build Naturkraft. And that makes me happy. This is when the enthusiasm becomes infectious - the moment when it's not just something you do alone, but something you do together. A community.

Three photographers became 50 volunteers

As time has passed, we have gained a whole range of volunteers in the team around Naturkraft. It began with three photographers who just thought it was incredibly exciting to be able to follow Naturkraft at close hand. After that it has evolved and the troop of volunteers is now up to 50 people. That in itself is a pretty unique story, but one of the things I feel when I am together with this dedicated group of talented people is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm to contributing to create something new and to being part of the community surrounding Naturkraft. Put their own stamp on the project and help awaken enthusiasm in everyone else. They have become infected by it, and now they're passing it on...

Of course, it takes much more than just enthusiasm to drive a project like Naturkraft, and every day is a new one. But when we try to infect each other just a little with this enthusiasm, my experience is that more of it will come. A contagious community

It's our Naturkraft hugs!

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