I can play at being a small and large nerd at Naturkraft

Written by: Carina Bruun, gardener and guide at Naturkraft

As soon as they started talking about Naturkraft in the media, I knew it was something for me. The opportunity to pass on knowledge and create dialogue across different ages - as well as having an arena within my area of interest in my backyard. It can only be good!

I can expand and share my passion for nature at the same time. From the charm of the windblown trees we are surrounded by here on the west coast to the discussions about why they look like they do.

The passion for nature 

Because there is a big correlation between our weather, the plants we are surrounded by and the animals that can live in the different types of nature. It's therefore also important for me to create synergy between our nature and the man-made environment we live in, by showing consideration and thinking in sustainable ways.

I would like to come up with ideas about what our visitors can do to improve their own ways. Because everyone can make a contribution. For example, use coffee grounds and egg shells in the garden as a natural fertiliser. 

I will be talking about the small wonders of nature, such as the butterflies and wild bees. Why is it important that they still have a place in our nature? We want to make an impression on our visitors so that they can link it to their everyday lives. So it can inspire our visitors to perhaps think in other ways in their own green gardens.

So, in short, I'm excited about being able to ”play little and big nerd” at the same time.

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