Marshland, what's it all about?

By: Carina Bruun, gardener and guide at Naturkraft


Colombus might have discovered America, but in Naturkraft you can discover 'the Marshland'. A type of nature that has its own natural powers. This type of nature is characterised by being a part of the countryside between the shallow sea and mainland, which is regularly flooded by water and in some places saltwater.

In Naturkraft, the Marshland consists of grasses, perennials and alder scrub that can withstand the periodic flooding of the area. The floods are created in conjunction with our watercourses, where we can imitate what is happening in nature with periods of gradual drying out and flooding.

Planting in the Marsh area

But that's not all we can recreate as it was originally. In the past, the marsh was used for grazing animals, but in our recreation of the marsh landscape, it is necessary to regularly cut back the area. This is to preserve the treeless character of the landscape to preserve habitats for insects and bird life.

Naturally, this places a number of requirements on the planting of this nature type. Many types of plants cannot withstand prolonged flooding. In nature, this means that there is a natural thinning of the plant species, where only the strongest and most adaptable plants win.

Strong trees and bushes

So it's no coincidence that the choice of trees has settled on trees from the birch family. They share the same characteristics. Of course, we're referring to the Common elm and Silver birch.

Viburnum opulus - or in Danish 'Kvalkved' - is a shrub that looks beautiful at many times of the year, from the white flowers in spring to the red berries in autumn. However, the berries are very sour and poisonous. This is why the berries are left for the birds to eat, especially the bohemian waxwing. You may find that the berries remain hanging far into the season until there are virtually no more food sources left. Birds will then make a start upon the sour berries. It is not uncommon for birds to regurgitate stones from the berry-like fruits. This spreads the shrub, enabling it to create life in new places.

Insect magnet

But it isn't just big trees and bushes that can be found here. Many different types of nature can also be discovered at ground level. There are various grasses, ferns and several types of perennials, such as Purple loosestrife and Lungwort.

Purple loosestrife quickly becomes an insect magnet and helps create plenty of life around it. Everything from butterflies to bees and hoverflies frequently pass by. It is a medium-sized perennial that can become a "mini-bush” over time. You can also plant it in wetter areas of your own garden.

Used as a medicinal herb

The landscape is also home to Lungwort, which can probably most often be found growing wild in scrubs and treeless areas in deciduous forests. In Naturkraft, you can experience this in the marshland landscape, which borders onto the oak scrub.

It is one of those plants that is still very interesting, even though it doesn't blossom. Its white-spotted leaves attract attention from early spring. In the Middle Ages, the plant was used as a treatment for lung disorders and as cough medicine. The plant also contains substances with wound healing properties.

magical Animal Life

Something magical happens when you add water to a piece of nature. It soon starts to creep and crawl. Many different flying guests have dropped by over the last couple of months, and fortunately it's not too late to experience dragonflies, water beetles and beautiful butterflies for yourself.

A short visit to the water and you'll soon be captivated by the magic. Try and see what you can capture with the camera on your phone and share it with us. You can tag us with ”experience_Naturkraft” on Instagram.

I have captured several animals with my camera. I didn't know all of them beforehand. See some of the things I've discovered in the marshland.



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