Summer holiday by the North Sea

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Wondering what to do during your summer holiday by the North Sea?

If you are one of the lucky few who will spend your summer in beautiful Denmark, more specifically in the western part of the country, read on. The west coast offers a sea of opportunities for those planning their summer holiday here.

Six fun activities in West Jutland

  • Here are our suggestions for six fun summer holiday activities in West Jutland:
  • Visit the North Sea, come rain or shine
  • Picnic in the dunes
  • Discover the wild forces of nature
  • Take walks along the coast
  • Explore the historic bunkers
  • Try some delicious foods from the west coast

The beautiful North Sea

The fascinating North Sea is definitely worth a visit, whatever the weather. When the sun is high, you can lie on the beach and enjoy the heat. In windy weather, the fresh wind on your face feels amazing. Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities to get out into the water, such as windsurfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking.

Have a nice picnic

Is there anything more pleasant than packing a picnic basket and spreading out your picnic blanket in the Danish countryside? On the west coast, you can enjoy your picnic provisions in the beautiful dunes, a landscape that is unique to the area.

Visit Naturkraft

Take the whole family to Naturkraft – an adventure park where you can experience the wild forces of nature first hand. Naturkraft welcomes you to a universe of play and learning that will add to your knowledge about nature, sustainability and climate.

You can experience eight different types of nature and burn off some energy through play and activities. Naturkraft is located just outside Ringkøbing and is easy to access – whether by car, on foot or by bicycle.

Learn much more about nature’s wild forces

Take a walk along the coast

A walk along the wide, white-sand beaches is a definite attraction. Beach and water as far as the eye can see is a beautiful sight to behold.

If you want to take a longer walk along the west coast, that is definitely an option too. For example, you might be interested in hiking the North Sea Camino trail. This is a beautiful 4-day hike stretching from Thorsminde to Agger.

Be inspired by a hike along the west coast

Hiking along the west coast - North sea camino trail

Feel the presence of history

The numerous bunkers along the coast are completely unique to the west coast of Denmark. You will discover many bunkers - especially in the area around Houvig. This area is called the Houvig Fortress and you will find 50 bunkers side by side here, practically built into the beach and dunes. During World War II, the fortress served as the German Atlantic rampart, where war could be waged against enemies at sea from the hidden bunkers.

Learn more about the many bunkers on the west coast

Satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst

You'll work up a big appetite after a day out in the beautiful landscapes of West Jutland. And can you think of anything better than tasting some of the delicious foods that the west coast has to offer?

Vestkystens Gårdbutik is a farm shop that sells local specialities from its own dune farm, country kitchen and old-fashioned dairy. You’ll find aged beef, various types of freshly baked bread, slow-churned North Sea ice cream and much more. Everything is organic and animal welfare is a top priority.

See a selection of foods from West Jutland here


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