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Three questions to Søren Lundgaard Christensen, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the kitchen in Naturkraft. t. 

So what's on the menu at Naturkraft? 

What's on the menu is an extension of what Naturkraft is and wants to be. As a rule, the dishes on the menu are vegetarian and the ingredients are locally sourced. In this way, we think sustainability all the way onto the guests' plates.

Actually it's completely new for me to have to think in terms of a sustainable menu. I've been used to meat being taking the lead, so it's been really exciting to turn it all upside down. When we were sent home in spring because of Corona, I spent some time experimenting with vegetarian dishes. Among other things, I developed the recipe for our vegetable patty for the burger on the menu.

There's also something that you won't find on the menu – French fries. We've made a deliberate choice not to use deep fat fryers. And you can easily cook delicious, quick food without deep fat fryers. It just requires a different mindset. We  prefer to serve locally grown baked potatoes with herbs as an alternative to the well-known French fries. 

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Are there special menu alternatives if you want to go as a group on an excursion to Naturkraft? 

Yes. In fact, there are many options. So far, we have been visited by many different types of groups, and together with them we have prepared food to suit their event. We have had everything from sandwiches-to-go, where guests have found their own place to sit and eat in the park, to a three-course menu, where the café was set up with white tablecloths. 

It offers a real opportunity to create a special event, and we love contributing with suggestions as to how this can be done. We have a unique setting that enables us, for example, to make food over a bonfire or stay open for a group outside of normal opening hours. In this way, we can create events that suit a family event, a conference or functions for staff associations. 

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What would you personally recommend from the menu? 

It's hard for me to choose. It's either our pizza or our burger.  

The pizza has a homemade base and uses seasonal greenery that makes it really tasty. But I also love the burger with the homemade vegetable patty. The burger also has homemade mayonnaise and smoked salted almonds. 

The menu will change regularly, ensuring that we always make use of local ingredients. We also always offer a soup and cake of the day, because seasonal produce varies.  

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