Fun activities to do during the school summer holidays

By Cecilie Voetmann, experience developer at Naturkraft

When the time rings for the last time at the end of this school year, your children have a loooong summer holiday ahead. Perhaps you’ve already started thinking about what kind of fun family activities you can do. Read on because I have lots of fun activity ideas you can do together with your family!

Things you can do during the summer holidays

Holiday time gives you the ideal opportunity to get outside and away from all the screens. There are plenty of exciting experiences for the smallest children as soon as you step out of the door. For example, you can:

  • Catch insects and examine them in a glass
  • Collect flowers and dry or press them – they can be used for wall decorations or as a gift for grandparents
  • Play bird bingo – for example with Naturkraft’s bingo board   
  • Make your own nature bingo board with things you can find in nature   
  • Find water pistols and water balloons for a water war
  • Run through a water sprinkler in the garden  
  • Go on excursions
  • Go on a picnic and climb trees and build caves
  • Collect elderflowers and make cordial
  • Make your own roadside stand – for example selling elderflower cordial

Find our bird bingo here

Fugle i Naturkraft

Rainy day activities for the whole family

On rainy days, you can make a creative workshop and build your own jewellery tree, for example. You can also put on your wellies and go to the beach to collect stones and paint them when you get home. They are easy to transform into cute ladybirds, cool dragons, different smileys and other fun stuff . You can buy stone paint at most hobby stores.

Make your own jewellery tree

Do something good for nature – and make it into a game

Bees, beetles and other insects have increasingly challenging living conditions in our nature, but the good news is that you can do something to help them. Insects love wild nature, which is why it’s a great idea to create a small habitat for insects in your garden. At Naturkraft, we have several 'insect hotels' consisting of stacked pallets that we have filled with branches, leaves and other items from nature.

You can also make your own bird balls if you want to attract more birds to your garden.
Last but not least, it's fun to seek knowledge about nature – for example by listening to the Children’s Climate Club. This is where 8-year-old Hugo explores plastic, bees and climate-friendly computers with his friend, Tanja Tingfinder.

Insekthotel i Naturkraft

Visit Naturkraft

If you haven't visited us at Naturkraft yet, I would of course recommend that too. Here you can experience nature’s fascinating forces and learn more along the way. There are lots of exciting experiences for people of all ages – for example, you can go on expeditions or try nature’s forces on your own body in a rip current, on a zipline or in one of the zorbing balls.


Have a great summer!

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