Halloween in Naturkraft'sk

Three questions for Fredrikke Dahl, experience developer at Naturkraft.

What can you do in Naturkraft during the autumn holidays?

We're working on a very varied programme, making sure there'll be something for all our guests. We're not planning to have a classic Halloween in Naturkraft, but strive to create our very own universe. The aim is not necessarily to scare our visitors witless. At Naturkraft, we put our own twist on this spooky tradition, so it's all about knowledge and senses.

We zoom in on spooky things, which are usually quite natural. Decay, death, skeletons and darkness are at the centre.

They are things that may seem spooky and even creepy, but when you look behind the façade, most things have a natural explanation.

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Are there activities for all the family?

Yes, at Naturkraft you can always find activities for all the family - whether you are a 3-year-old little brother or an 80-year-old grandmother. We strive to offer a range of activities during the autumn holidays that allow the whole family to spend time together.  

You can touch bones, see and taste decay, and get close to hairy spiders.  

We have different workshops where children can create their own spookiness. 

And we're also playing with ideas for spooky evenings – both for families and for those who can do without mum and dad for a whole night. 

What are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to seeing if guests dare to challenge themselves. Whether they can push their boundaries to what they think is creepy and gain a better understanding of the fact that nature is also about death and decay.

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