When your holiday goes to... Western Jutland

By: Mette Hindkjær, Development Manager at Naturkraft 

Summer is waning and the autumn holidays are coming up. A holiday in Denmark, perhaps in Jutland or close to home – autumn holidays 2020 right here in Western Jutland. Corona has made us rediscover our very own backyard which is filled with activities and wonderful experiences for the entire family.  

I am simply wild about this discovery!  

A kind of conversion 

Just a few years ago, the attraction industry was an unknown area to me. I may have visited some science centre or museum as a child. But that it was an entire industry and something that could actually provide inspiring and interesting experiences for a family with a father, mother and two children – that was indeed new to me.  

Because of my new job in Naturkraft and with a family on tow, we have now visited everything from modern, new and old attractions, to museums and activity centres locally, nationally and internationally during the past three years. It has been a fantastic journey into a new world. My lack of interest in museum objects and history in general has been a mistake on my part. You could perhaps say that this has been a kind of conversion. The concept of dusty museums that tell boring old stories about people from a past that I know nothing about has been put to shame.  

Embraces the family experience 

Modern cultural communication is anything but dusty. The latest digital tools are used – new ways of communicating are used to tell visitors exciting stories that are mixed with digital and personal communication. There is a steep learning curve, where both children and adults are drawn into a journey into another world.  

Play, nature, art and culture go hand in hand and embrace the family experience.  

Creative suggestions for experiences 

This new world of culture that has opened up for my family and myself is quite unique – and definitely a world worth visiting. It is right here in our own backyard – Denmark is full of creative suggestions for modern cultural institutions, and Naturkraft is working hard to be one of them. So when you take your autumn holiday here in Denmark and perhaps in Western Jutland, and you need a new perspective on a modern cultural institution, you are most welcome with us here in Ringkøbing. 

Here we combine art, culture and nature with play at eye level. You will be sent on expeditions (a kind of treasure hunt), where you will chase the forces of nature. You will be get to feel North Sea storms in your hair, and you may want to try the pole course, which leads you through waterways as well as various typical types of nature of Western Jutland, or you can see the digital installation in the Tree of Life.  

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Take care of our water 

One of my children's favourites is actually when they dig for the water table. It is no longer a question of digging through the earth’s core, but rather a matter of finding the water table.  

... and if just a fraction of the children and adults who dig for the water table will think about the reason for taking care of our water here in Denmark, then we have done our bit to give  love of nature an extra nudge in the right direction. 

Let's all give a nudge in the right direction to nature and culture so that we can (re)discover the exciting attractions we have right here in the area.  


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