Come to the dark West Jutland

- If you dare?

We look in to the dark - everything you may not want to know about nature after dark.


04. October - 31. October

10.00 - 16.00

Creative spooky workshop

We open the doors to our creative workshop, where we make creative projects every day.


Exhibition: Fear and fascination

We have borrowed a collection of insects and animals from Naturhistorisk Museum. The animals are exhibited in glass and many of us definitely find them both scary and creepy. Get really close to them as we try to get to know them better and turn fear into fascination.


Spider hunt

Go on spider hunting with your family in the eight habitats of the park. All who solve the spider hunt, get a prize!


Go bone-crazy

Try to assemble a skeleton and find out what is hiding under our skin.


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Naturparken 10
6950 Ringkøbing

T: +45 69 16 11 62



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