Safety for both our visitors and employees is a top priority at Naturkraft. And this naturally also applies in our handling of COVID-19.

  • Limited number of daily tickets – buy online in advance as there is a risk of being sold out.
  • Continuous registration of the number of visitors inside and outside – visitor restriction in the main building.
  • Clear guidance of visitors.
  • Plenty of space for visitors – Naturkraft has lots of space – both inside and outside.
  • We can manage the visitors' routes in Naturkraft – both when they are outside and inside – and there are one-way routes where necessary.
  • High level of hygiene – frequent cleaning and access to sinks and hand sanitisers everywhere.
  • Safety staff are made especially visible – ready to help everyone to ensure they have the best experience.


We forecast lots of play


It's raining, it's pouring... Put on your rubber boots and rainclothes. At Naturkraft, we love to feel the rain beating against our cheeks and explore the wild wet nature together.


Even on a summer's day when it's cloudy, you can still learn lots about nature's forces. We're fascinated by the power, shapes and colours of clouds. Let's examine the clouds together.


When the sun is dancing in the skies above Naturkraft, our senses are activated and big smiles shine forth across the entire park. Explore solar energy and discover the numerous differences in temperature around the park.


When its windy in Naturkraft, we ride on a wave of energy. Hold on to your hat and take a ride wherever the wind decides. The wind is the driving force that propels the game.

Expeditions kick off the fun and games

Nature's forces are wild. Join us on an adventure with an expedition to complete.

For example, you can explore the invisible forces, dive down into nature's secrets or become a heat hunter. 

Naturkraft offers you a wealth of opportunities to go on exciting expeditions with the whole family. Every day, our guides select special expeditions that are suitable for the weather. 

The expeditions have been created to help you play your way to discovering new knowledge about nature's fascinating forces.


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Naturparken 10
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T: +45 69 161 162



GDPR og privacy policy for Naturkraft

At Naturkraft, we respect and prioritise your privacy based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Based on the GDPR regulation, we would like to explain how we collect and store your personal data.


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