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What is Naturkraft?

Get ready for all-new nature experiences – both inside and out. Naturkraft gives you the opportunity to observe, try and understand the fascinating forces of nature. You can explore and experiment with the wild forces on the park’s expeditions and use all your senses.

Explore our interactive park map and see what you can experience.

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Tickets and prices

Naturkraft daily ticket +3 år

Naturkraft monthly pass +3 år

Naturkraft annual pass +3 år

Remember to bring one of the following + valid ID:

  • Documentation of vaccination against Coronavirus (only valid 14 days after the first injection)
  • Proof that you have previously been infected with Coronavirus (a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 12 weeks ago)
  • Presentation of a negative test which is maximum 72 hours old (from when the test was taken)

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Did you know that...

Naturkraft works with the UN’s sustainable development goals. As you're walking around exploring the park, you'll see that we sort all our waste.


We have water stations where you and your family can top up your drinking bottles, and you can pump your bike in our bicycle parking if the tyres are a bit flat.


All to support sustainable development and make it a natural part of your experience at Naturkraft.

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Naturparken 10
6950 Ringkøbing

T: +45 69 16 11 62



GDPR og privacy policy for Naturkraft

At Naturkraft, we respect and prioritise your privacy based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Based on the GDPR regulation, we would like to explain how we collect and store your personal data.


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