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Tickets and opening hours

Tickets and opening hours

How much does admission cost?

A daily ticket costs 22 Euro online on our webshop and 25 Euro at the entrance. Children under 3 years of age are free of charge. We have gathered all information about tickets, monthly and annual passes on this page.

Before leaving the park, you can upgrade your daily ticket to either a monthly or annual pass in the ticket office. You only pay the difference. Read more about the benefits here.

What does a daily ticket include?

Once you have purchased a daily ticket, you have free access to all Naturkraft and all activities. This also applies when doing creative things - such as expeditions or creative workshops - where you can of course take things home.

Read more about what you can experience in Naturkraft both inside and outside. Don't miss the days when we have something special on the programme - find our calendar here.

Do I need to buy my ticket in advance?

We recommend that you buy tickets in advance. There are a limited number of tickets each day, so if you want to make sure there is enough space on the day you want to visit Naturkraft, you should buy the ticket before you come. Remember that it is also cheaper to buy the ticket online.

How do I buy a ticket in advance?

Skip the ticket queue. Buy your ticket in advance and save 3 Euro per person.

Buy the ticket in advance on our webshop. Once the order is complete, you will receive an email with your tickets – check your spam/unwanted folders if they don't show up.

Scan the QR code directly from your mobile phone at our entrance turnstiles.

We have free WIFI, so you can always access your tickets.

Please note that the light on our entrance turnstiles does not change to green when the tickets are scanned. The turnstile will start turning as soon as you hear a 'beep' sound.

I haven't received the email with the tickets?

Have you checked your unwanted/spam folders? Unfortunately, we find that the tickets can often end up here.

Did you write your email correctly? You are always welcome to contact us and we will resend the tickets to the correct email. Remember to state the full name in which the tickets were purchased.

When is Naturkraft open?

Every season is unique. That's why Naturkraft is open all year round, so you can experience and explore the various natural forces.

Opening hours vary. You can always find the current opening hours here.

Monthly and annual passes

Monthly and annual passes

Is it possible to buy a monthly or annual pass and what does it cost?


Monthly passes cost 35 Euro and are for people who want unlimited access to Naturkraft for 30 days. The pass is valid 30 days from the day you scan the pass for the first time.

The annual pass costs 50 Euro and follows the calendar year. Annual passes are for people who want unlimited access to Naturkraft in the current year. As an annual pass holder, you also get a number of benefits. See the benefits here.

Read more about the monthly pass and the annual pass here.

How do I buy a monthly or annual pass?

You can buy an annual or monthly pass online on our webshop or at the ticket office at the entrance.

When you buy the season pass online, you can create an account when you enter your billing information. Under your account you will find your season card (and your children’s/children’s/others', if they have been created in your email). The season cards can be scanned directly from your mobile.

If you would like a physical card, you can contact the ticket office at the entrance. Here, you must state your name and be photographed, after which you will receive your physical season card printed on recycled plastic.

Can I upgrade my daily ticket to a monthly or annual pass?

Yes, you can upgrade your daily ticket to a monthly or annual pass before leaving the park. You upgrade your daily ticket at the ticket office at the entrance and only pay for the difference.

Can I upgrade my monthly pass to an annual pass?

Yes, you can upgrade your monthly pass to an annual pass either online or in the ticket office at Naturkraft’s entrance. You only pay the difference of 15 Euro.

If you wish to upgrade your monthly pass online, you must log in to your account and select renew/upgrade.

How do I renew my annual pass?

If you would like to renew your annual pass, you can either do so online or physically in the ticket office at Naturkraft’s entrance.

If you wish to renew your annual pass online, you must log in to your account and select renew/upgrade.

Your visit

Your visit

How many hours does a visit take?

A visit usually takes between three and four hours. This naturally depends on how involved you become with the fun and activities. Some will spend less time, while others will spend more time in Naturkraft.

We find that families with children spend all day in Naturkraft.

Can I borrow a locker for clothes and bags?

Yes, there are lockers in the main building where you can store clothes and bags while you visit Naturkraft.

Put your belongings in the locker and put a DKK 10 coin in the lock and you can take out the key. You will get your DKK 10 coin again when you put the key back in the locker.

Can I rent a handcart/pushchair?

No, it is not possible to rent a handcart or pushchair in Naturkraft.

Can you go out to your car and pick things up?

Yes, you can easily go out to your car and pick things up. Just remember to take your ticket with you and scan it when you come back in.

What is it like visiting Naturkraft with a baby?

It is easy to get around Naturkraft with a pram or pushchair. There is a changing area in the toilets in the main building, where you also find a place to breastfeed in the room 'Wind power'.

Find a Park map here.

Can I take my dog to Naturkraft?

Yes, dogs are welcome in all outdoor areas in Naturkraft. Dogs must be kept on a lead and supervised at all times. They are not permitted to enter the Base or the main building.  

Find a map of the park here.

Can I smoke in Naturkraft?

No, smoking is not allowed in Naturkraft. We know that the urge to smoke is a powerful force, but the last cigarette must be extinguished well before you reach the Naturkraft entrance.

If the urge to smoke becomes too great, you can come in and out of Naturkraft with your ticket all day long. Any smoking must take place at least 100 metres from the entrance.

Is Naturkraft only for children?

No, Naturkraft is for all curious souls who want to observe, try and understand nature’s forces.

Can I pay with euro?

Yes, you can pay with Euro at all sales stations in Naturkraft. We only accept notes and give Danish kroner in exchange.

It is not possible to change money in Naturkraft.

Eating in Naturkraft

Eating in Naturkraft

Can I bring a packed lunch?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch. There are various places in the Naturkraft Park where you can eat food that you have brought with you. We encourage you to bring a picnic rug when the weather is suitable because there are so many wonderful places to sit down with a rug and picnic basket.

Read more about food and drink here.

What eating options are there in Naturkraft?

At Naturkraft you can always buy food, drink and ice cream. During busy periods, we also open our outdoor food truck.

Read more and see the menu here.

Can I have a BBQ in Naturkraft?

No, it is not possible to have a BBQ in Naturkraft.

Can I book a table in the café?

No, it is not possible to book a table in the café.

Guests with special needs

Guests with special needs

Is Naturkraft suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes, Naturkraft is designed to give everyone a good experience. There is a lift in the main building but you can also get back and forth between the floors via 'Holmsland Dune', which functions as both an exhibition and a ramp. There are disabled parking spaces closest to the entrance to Naturkraft and disabled toilets in the main building.

Read more at here.

Can I have a companion with me free of charge if I have a disability?

Yes, a companion for disabled people is allowed in free of charge. Remember the companion card.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

Yes. Contact the ticket office if you need to borrow a wheelchair. It’s free.

Can I bring my assistance dog to Naturkraft?

Yes, assistance dogs are welcome in the park.

Groups and events

Groups and events

Does Naturkraft offer a group discount?

At Naturkraft, we do not offer any group discounts. However, we would like to provide an extra experience when, for example, groups are visiting. Talk to us and we'll find an agreement that fits your particular group.

Is it possible to have events in Naturkraft that last several days?

We would really like to contribute to creating new, exciting events in Naturkraft. Get in touch with us and we can work together to find out something that suits both parties.

Can I rent rooms for private or closed events?

Yes. At Naturkraft we also have rooms that can be rented for private events. There are various options, so we recommend that you have a chat with us about the different possibilities.

Can I book a guided tour?

Yes. We can customise the subject matter of the tour to suit the group visiting Naturkraft. Have a chat with us about the possibilities.

What does a guided tour cost?

A guided tour costs DKK 500. We can tailor the topic of the tour so that it deals with exactly what you want to know more about. Talk to us about the possibilities.



Where can I park the car and how much does it cost?

We have a large car park where parking is always free of charge. When you turn into Naturkraft, the signs guide you to the car park.

Please note that you have to walk a minimum of 500 metres on our charming path from the car park to the entrance.

There is disabled parking in front of the entrance.

Read more about parking options here.

Where can I charge my electric car?

You can charge your electric car at the charging points in Naturkraft’s car park.

Supplier: Sperto

You can always check whether the charging points are free to use on Sperto's website or app.

Can I park with a minibus, caravan or trailer?

Yes, there are special bays in Naturkraft’s parking lot for larger vehicles and/or vehicles with trailers.

Find out more here.

Where can I park my bike?

We have a bicycle station in front of the main entrance. Here you will find bicycle parking, along with equipment and tools to maintain your bike, so that it can transport you from A to B smoothly and easily.

Read more about the bike station here.

Defibrillators and first aid

Defibrillators and first aid

Where are there defibrillators in Naturkraft?

A defibrillator is freely accessible at Naturkraft’s main entrance.

The defibrillator is located outside the payment tunnel and is therefore available 24 hours a day for all persons.

Are there first aid kits in Naturkraft?

Yes, there are first aid kits and eye wash at the main entrance, the Base, the kitchen and the shop. Approach an employee, we are always ready to help.

Get an overview of the park here.



How does Naturkraft handle Corona ?

High safety for both guests and employees is paramount at Naturkraft, and this naturally also applies to how we handle Coronavirus. We have created a page where you can find answers to all your questions about how we handle Coronavirus.

Find it here.

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