How we handle Corona 

Maintaining a high level of safety for both guests and employees is our top priority at Naturkraft, and this naturally also applies to how we handle Coronavirus. At this page you will find all the information that is important when you visit Naturkraft.


Buy your tickets before you come here.

What documentation do I need to show to visit Naturkraft?

You do not have to show any documents to visit Naturkraft.

Do children need to show any documentation to visit Naturkraft?

No, children under the age of 16 do not need to present any documentation to enter.

Can I have a Corona test in Ringkøbing?

Yes, in Ringkøbing it is possible to get a quick test. The address is: Vellingvej 41, 6950 Ringkøbing. See the opening hours here. There is no booking requirement here and you will receive the answer within 15-20 minutes.

Can I be sure there will be enough space to keep a safe distance from the other guests?

Yes. We have restrictions on the number of people entering the park, and we keep an eye to ensure that there are not too many inside the main building at a time. Fortunately, we have plenty of space at Naturkraft – both inside and out.

Are all experiences and exhibitions open?

Yes, all experiences and exhibitions are open – and we are really looking forward to seeing you there so you can experience them! 

Should I wear a face mask at Naturkraft?

No, face masks are not a requirement in Naturkraft.

Should children wear face masks at Naturkraft?

No, face masks are not a requirement in Naturkraft.

What is the approach to hygiene at Naturkraft?

We have extra focus on good hygiene. Thorough cleaning is carried out every day, and we clean contact surfaces several times a day. Please help us by washing your hands and using hand sanitiser regularly when you visit.

Is hand sanitiser available?

Yes, hand sanitiser has been set up in many indoor and outdoor areas, which you can use freely. There is also good access to wash basins.

Should I buy tickets to Naturkraft in advance?

This is a very good idea, as we only have a limited number of tickets every day. There is a risk of tickets being sold out if you turn up at the entrance without one.

How do I buy a ticket in advance?

You can buy your tickets from our webshop here. You can also buy tickets at the entrance, but only if there are available places in the park. If you want to be certain that you can come in, we recommend that you buy tickets in advance.

I have an annual/monthly pass – am I guaranteed access?

Yes, as a rule. We have reserved a large number of places for our most loyal guests, namely seasonal passholders. If we experience pressure on capacity, we will introduce place reservations for seasonal passholders during the peak season. Keep yourself updated on this page.

How many guests does Naturkraft allow to enter at a time?

The exact number of guests depends on the authorities’ requirements for the number of square metres per guest, and this changes from time to time. Therefore, we cannot provide information about the exact number, but we have lots of space at Naturkraft – both inside and out. We also guarantee that the number of guests will be determined in accordance with the authorities’ guidelines.

Can you eat at Naturkraft’s café?

Yes. The Café has spent the winter and spring putting together a really delicious menu, and we look forward to you tasting it. Just like the rest of Naturkraft, the café has optimal focus on hygiene and distance requirements, making it a good and safe experience. 

Can you bring a packed lunch?

If you prefer a packed lunch, there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying it at Naturkraft. Once you've bought a ticket, you can go in and out of the park as much as you want – so you can pick up your picnic basket from the car when it’s lunch time. You can also store your food and drink in the lockers in the main building.

Who should I ask for help in the park if I need it?

Our employees all wear recognisable red t-shirts and tops, and you are always welcome to approach them with any questions.


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