Laziness - and common sense

By: Maria Kjærgaard, sustainability developer at Naturkraft

Sustainability is about common sense – and sometimes laziness. But mostly common sense.

I've just felled a whole load of trees that were too close to my house. This has given me a lot of wood. And a lot of branches. And what do you do about it?

The wood is easy enough. It just needs to be cut into smaller pieces and put into stacks. After that, there is nothing else to do but wait for at least a year before it can be used for firewood. Problem sorted. That was easy.

But what about the branches? What do we do with them? Do we have to drive them to the recycling centre? Shred them into chips?


It's actually not that difficult. We just chuck them in the forest that surrounds my house. Here, they can be left to decay; insects and other small animals can benefit from them and they can make a perfect home for a hedgehog or two. Whether this is common sense or laziness - I'm not entirely sure. But it is sustainable. That much I do know!

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