Why do I need to sort waste?

By: Maria Kjærgaard, sustainability developer at Naturkraft

 Do you also hear the question: Why do we need to sort waste?

  • ”It will all be sent to combustion in the same place anyway!”
  • ”I can't be bothered!”
  • ”It doesn't make a difference what I do”

There are many excuses, comments and frustrations. And I totally understand. But it really does make a difference. Everyone can make a difference.

I sort waste myself for several reasons – four of them are:

  1. I can reuse many things myself.
    For example, I can reuse cardboard to draw on before disposing of it for recycling.
  2. By sorting my waste, I am showing the municipality that there is a need to handle the different fractions.
    In this way, we push the solutions from below.
  3. I get an overview of my consumption so that I can consider the areas where I do more.
    For example, I used to put all my vegetables in a plastic bag – but avocados, oranges and bananas are already nicely wrapped by nature and don't need a plastic bag.
  4. By sorting food waste, I can create a good compost that can benefit nature and my kitchen garden.

It might help to write down all the good things about sorting your waste and hang it up by your waste sorting system. This way you remember all the good arguments right where you need them.

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